Common Sense Self Defense Systems
      "I have learned not to worry about social norms, awkward situations or misunderstandings when I feel threatened...How do you put a price on feeling safer? Looking forward to future classes."
                                                               - Tara, 31

      Common S.E.N.S.E. Self Defense Systems is a dynamic progressive training methodology grown from the understanding that in violence prevention, movement = life. Through honest, unflinching reality based education our students learn that the “fight or flight” response can be a choice, not a dilemma, and that your best weapons of self protection are an alert mind and a good pair of running shoes!

   Our empowering seminars and bootcamps illuminate the techniques and indicators of predatory behavior, as well as the mental and physical attributes necessary to remove oneself and loved ones from the victim pool. Given that predators are not brave and attacks are almost never purely “random,” situational awareness, escape, boundary setting and boundary enforcement are the foundations of Common S.E.N.S.E. Self Defense Systems.

   Our training dovetails with any martial system. Persons of any skill level are welcome. However, anyone who wants to better understand how to protect themselves and the ones they love are especially encouraged to begin training with us.

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